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What Makes Our Program the Best

The workplace uses hands-on application. Shouldn’t education emphasize hands-on instruction as well?

Morrison Tech's Engineering Technology programs are designed to maximize your exposure to hands-on learning, yet provide a sound knowledge base to support a wide range of career opportunities.

The Engineering Technology program at Morrison Institute of Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,


Experienced Faculty
State of the art
Longstanding relationships with area Employers(1)

Engineering Technology Construction Specialization



Engineering technology with a construction specialization prepares students for a career in either architectural construction or civil (highway) construction.

Students receive intensive hands-on training in:

  • Surveying,
  • Soils and Materials Testing
  • Architectural CAD
  • AutoCAD,
  • Microstation
  • Building Information Management (BIM)

This training is complemented with the math, science, and statics foundation necessary to succeed in a construction technology career.

Morrison Tech Graduates with a construction specialization have many job opportunities, and often experience rapid advancement.  Many find employment with counties, DOT's, private architectural and surveying firms, and other specialized companies.

Engineering Technology Computer Aided Drafting & Design Specialization

Engineering Technology with a Drafting & Design Specialization  focuses on mechanical design as well as manufacturing processes. The program emphasizes hands-on application of Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing processes with the latest technologies.

Hands on Experiences include:

  • The latest CADD software, including 3D modeling programs
  • Creating projects using 3D printers and CNC equipment
  • Injection Molding projects
  • Casting operations
  • Product Development Projects

Students learn in an immersive CADD and Prototyping laboratory environment with plenty of one-on-one access to faculty that are active in the design field.

Graduates with a Drafting & Design Specialization are ready to contribute to a company's design process from day one, and have plenty of opportunities for employment and career advancement.