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Engineering technology with a construction specialization shifts the focus to surveying, Soils and Materials Testing. Supported by instruction in Architectural CAD, AutoCAD, Microstation CAD, and Building Information Management (BIM). Instruction includes 2D and 3D tools and techniques.


Engineering technology with a Drafting & Design Specialization is focused on mechanical design, material application and properties. Experiences in manufacturing processes such as injection molding and small lot casting operations are supported by instruction in AutoCad, Unigraphics CAD including virtual tools such as finite element analysis (FEA), surface and assembly modeling.


Engineering technology with a Automation and Intelligent Control specialization is our newest specialization, starting in the Fall of 2023.  This new Cutting-Edge Program addresses the newest manufacturing technologies.  Automation Engineering Technologists contribute to the engineering side of Automation and Intelligent Process Controls.  These graduates are essential to not only the design of automated systems but also the maintenance and continuous improvement of these systems.  Skilled professionals in this area work not only with robotics and automation but in any complex intelligent system.



A precise definition of the work responsibilities for individuals in the field of Network Administration can be difficult. They are often based on the type of company and physical size and complexity of the network. However, it does entail a group of network management functions associated with network design, maintenance and security.

It is not uncommon for them to be responsible for user training along with the more traditional tasks of planning, allocating, coordination and monitoring network resources. Smaller organizations might add include recommendations and instillation of equipment. There is also subnetting.

IT certifications from Microsoft, Cisco or CompTIA A+, are beneficial for individuals that enter and hope to advance in the field of Network Administration.