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Engineering Technology

An Engineering Technologist is a specialist dedicated to the development, design, and implementation of engineering and technology. Engineering technology education is a more specialized and applied engineering education.

Morrison Tech. offers two specializations in Engineering Technology. Construction Technology focuses on both civil and architectural construction,  while CAD Technology focuses more on mechanical design and manufacturing. Both specializations utilize a hands-on educational approach and excellent career placement.

Starting in the Fall of 2023 Morrison Tech will be adding a third specialization to its Engineering Technology Program.  Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes.

Network Administration

Our Network Administration Program delivers hands-on instruction in an immersive classroom laboratory environment that gives students plenty of one-on-one attention.  Students acquire first hand all the skills and knowledge essential to excel in a systems and networking career.

Our Networking faculty is experienced both in the classroom and the field.  Course work covers all areas of network administration, including: systems, hardware, equipment, web and mail services, and security. The widespread and essential nature of networking supports excellent career placement opportunities.

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