The Impact of Internships


Each year Morrison Tech hosts two Career Fairs, one in the fall and one in the spring. During these fairs, employers are given the opportunity to connect with both current students and alumni with the intention of seeking new talent for their field.  For the students graduating in May, the Spring Career Fair holds a little more importance than the previous fairs.  This will be their last time networking in a group before they walk across the stage in early May.  For the first year students, the spring fair is a chance to set a solid foundation for their future careers and exciting futures.

While most emphasis is often placed on the soon to be graduate securing employment after graduation, Morrison Tech also realizes the importance of internships and the strong connection it plays in the hiring process. An internship complements the student’s classroom experience and students receive college credit hours for internships they secure while in school.  Campus-wide meetings are held to discuss the importance of internships, review resumes and offer interview tips before the career fair.  The small size of the college plays a large advantage in obtaining internships for students as well as finding employment after graduation.  The College Career Services Director will meet with each student individually to determine where their interest lies and what positions are open in their desired area and location.  Internship opportunities are posted for all students to look over and emails are sent out to students when open positions appear. 

The focus on internships does not stop at the Career Services Director's office; the Instructors also play a large part.  Instructors are a great source for internship possibilities. Many Instructors at the college have worked in the field or are still working in the field and provide many networking leads for students.

According to Indeed, one of the nation’s leading job and internship search platforms, internships are an ideal way for students to:

  • Figure out their interests (and create new ones)
  • Connect to industry professionals
  • Learn in a safe environment
  • Get exposure to office politics and culture
  • Connect to additional internship and employment opportunities

Internships are a win-win. For the student, an internship provides a learning opportunity.  For the company, an internship allows the company to supplement their workforce with students, some of whom will eventually become permanent hires. According to an Internship and Co-op Report conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), "Employers had success converting their interns into full-time hires.” The conversion rate may be as high as 56%. Simply put, internships often lead to an offer for a full-time job after graduation.

Internships also offer these benefits:

  • The opportunity to “try on” a career before applying for and accepting a “real” job
  • A chance to identify areas where they may need to see additional classroom experience and knowledge
  • Actual career-related work experience.  
  • The advantage of making networking contacts at the company where they intern
  • Higher starting salaries based on career-specific work experience

A student cannot afford to ignore the importance of an internship when seeking employment after graduation. Morrison Tech is committed to supporting their students as they each discover where they would like to land after graduation.