Summer Internships Propel Students to New Heights

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As the school year came to an end and summer approached, our campus buzzed with stories of transformative internship experiences. These internships will provide our students with invaluable opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in real-world settings, gain professional experience, and lay the groundwork for future career success.

Internships play a crucial role in bridging the gap between classroom learning and professional practice and are a main focus in the Morrison Tech curriculum.  Internships also help clarify career goals by exposing the student to different roles and industries, allowing them to make informed decisions about their futures. 

When the students return to campus in the fall they return with a wealth of stories highlighting their achievements and growth. These internships not only enhance their resumes but also provide them with a deeper understanding of their chosen fields. For many, these experiences have led to job offers and a clearer sense of direction for their careers.

This summer, you will find Morrison Tech students tackling various roles with several different companies. Some are working on the Networking side, while others are applying their CAD skills in the design industry or improving their surveying knowledge in the field. Among these students include: 

Dameon E. (Moline, IL) – Willett Hoffman; Survey Intern

Riley B. (Rockford, IL) – Willett Hoffman; Architecture Intern

Andrew D. (Rock Falls, IL) – Forge Resource Group; Engineering Intern

Andrew E. (Manlius, IL) – Bureau Valley School District; IT Intern

Shawn W. (Erie, IL) – P & P Industries, Tool Maker

Evan S. (Morrison, IL) - Porter Brothers; Junior Project Manager

Andrew, a Network Administration student, said that he has been utilizing the skills he obtained in his first year at Morrison during his internship with the Bureau Valley School District. His focus has been to organize, repair, and update Chromebooks for students' and teachers'.

Shawn is pursuing his degree in Engineering Technology and during the summer is working for P & P Industries as a tool maker.  “My job is to tear apart and reassemble the molds and hardware that are used in the machines.  I also repair and build new components using manual and cnc mills and lathes.”, Shawn stated when asked about his role within the company during his internship there.  

The summer internships undertaken by our students are a testament to their ambition, talent, and the high-quality education they receive at the college. The College is proud of their achievements and excited to see the continued impact they will make in their respective fields.