Tuition & Fees

2024 - 2025 College Fees

One Time Fees:

Application Fee:

Processing Fee:

Housing Reservation Fee:

Graduation Fee:

Housing Security Deposit:


$30.00     Non-refundable / Due with Application / Applied to account

$25.00     Billed at start of the first semester

$25.00     Due with application / non-refundable; applied to housing cost upon registration

$50.00     Billed at the time of your final semester.

$200.00     Billed at the start of your first semester in campus housing.  This fee will be refunded less any assessments for excessive wear and tear and damage after dormitory occupancy officially ends.


Tuition & Fees:

Per Semester

Per Year

Tuition/books included:  (12 - 19 credit hours)

Segregated Fee: (includes classroom fees and activity fees)

Engineering Technology Program Fee

Network Administration Program Fee

Total Tuition and Fees (Engineering Technology)

Total Tuition and Fees (Network Administration)













College Housing Fees

Per Semester

Per Year

Housing per Person (with 3-4 in a room)

Housing per Person (with 2 in a room)

Housing per Person (with 1 in a room)







See The College Catalog for more information on fees, including refund policies:

Morrison  Institute of Technology reserves the right to change the residence hall fees and other charges, along with the applicable refund policies,  without advance notice. The college will make every effort to announce and publish any changes as soon as they are approved by the College Board.

Morrison Tech strives to make our programs affordable by keeping the cost as low as possible.

The cost of Attendance determines financial need and sets the limit on the amount of financial aid that can be offered.   The Cost of Attendance is based average educational expenses you will incur while enrolled at Morrison Institute of Technology as a full-time student for a nine-month academic year.

The estimated expenses include direct costs due to the College for tuition, fees, and housing (if applicable) and indirect costs, not billed by the College but considered when determining financial aid eligibility, for expenses such as food, transportation, and personal expenses.  Indirect costs will be unique to each student.

Estimated Costs of Attendance (COA) for 2023 - 2024