Middle School Engineering Tech Day

July 29

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Engineering Tech Day is an exciting and engaging experience for your young innovator. Fun, imaginative sessions including activities in robotics, electronics, construction, manufacturing, and engineering await your camper. Don't miss out on one of the area's most popular summer programs. Register Now! Space is Limited!


Bridging into the Future

Explore bridge design using the latest in computer simulations, then put your ideas to the test in a bridge building contest.

Aspiring Engineers will learn some basic principles that inform bridge design, explore possibilities in the computer simulation, then build their own bridge to see their ideas become reality. This activity will culminate in a bridge-breaking contest to see whose idea was the strongest.


Coding 4 Kids

Take a peek inside the mysterious world of coding, and the hardware that makes it work.

This activity will allow participants to not only experience code creation, but also explore the technology behind it.  Campers will set up a breadboard and learn how specific functions can be enabled.  This will build to an activity in which they program an electric car!  Additionally, campers will also set up their own web server and database. 


Make It. Take It.

Build your personalized project that combines materials and processes including concrete, electrical/electronics, and woodworking.​

Experience the Makerspace concept. It’s not just about doing it yourself, It’s about doing it better or taking it one step further then everyone else.  Materials, processes, creativity, technology, and craftsmanship come together as students make a product with practical and artistic value.​


Robot Revolution

Design your robot to be the best at our camp robotics challenge.

Nothing captures the awe and wonder of technology better that a robot, except maybe one you designed yourself.  This activity allows campers to experience the wonder and imagination of robotics as they take a base robot and design and create components that allow them to get a taste of competitive robotics.​


Wear's the TECH

Design and build wearables that utilize and integrate the latest technology . Use unexpected materials to build your wearable —take it home and make a statement.  Unleash your creativity to express your own unique style.




Make It. Take 2 / Robot Resurgence

If you participated in last year’s STEM CAMP, or are looking to add another day to your camp experience.  Make It Take 2 and Robot Resurgence will further explore the concepts from Make It Take and Robot Revolution.

What’s better than building one multi-material take home project?  Building a second one!  Explore new materials and processes and expand your skills.

Robot Resurgence take your Robot past the revolution.  Campers build on experience to overcome challenges of increased complexity and difficulty.

Camp Sessions

Morning Activity 9:00-12:00

Lunch 12:00-12:30

Afternoon Activity 12:30-3:30

Day will consist of two three hours sessions of activities.  Students will pick two out of the four activities for the day.  The day will begin at 9:00 for the first session.  Lunch will be provided at 12:00 and last till 12:30.  Second session will begin at 12:30 and the day will concluded at 3:30.  Participates will be receive a t-shirt and lunch.   If students are interested in more then two events they may sign up for additional days.  

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 July 29

Choose Two Activities

Coding 4 Kids

Bridging into the Future

Robot Revolution 

Robot Resurgence

Make It. Take It 

Make It. Take 2

Wear's the Tech

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