So Much To Be Thankful For

thankful at morrison tech


During the month of November our campus is busy.  Students are finishing up final projects and preparing for exams.  Instructors are finalizing grades and writing their final exams.  Admissions Reps are visiting schools, hosting events and preparing to welcome tours throughout the holiday break. 


As we approach the end of the semester a few traditions at the college bring smiles to our day.  The Annual Christmas tree will be arriving soon.  The tree will be placed in our Administration Building’s lobby and students will spend an evening decorating the 18ft tall spruce.  The students will then leave for a short break to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends.  The students then return to campus to finish out the final two weeks of the semester..  Upon their return they will celebrate with their peers, instructors and staff at the annual Holiday Lunch.  Throughout the years the menu has changed and seems to have settled on the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, pies and, by popular demand,  fried chicken.  The meal ends with the students hosting an Ugly Sweater contest.    Recently the college has added to their holiday docket with a drive thru display of holiday lights, championed by Mr. Larry Vos,  Physical Plant Director.  During the season the college will host a hot cocoa and candy cane night where students volunteer to distribute these refreshments to vehicles as they drive through and enjoy the light display. 


These traditions seem to be simple but emulate the Morrison Tech Family.   These events allow us to reflect on the camaraderie found on campus.  The camaraderie and family atmosphere are what makes our small college special and unique.  The overall togetherness and unconditional acceptance are who we are. In Admissions, this is what we are most thankful for; our small college that brings together individuals of varying differences, personal beliefs and upbringings.  Despite any differences among the students  you will find an environment of acceptance.   


Our team in Admissions is grateful to be a part of this remarkable community.   We are thankful for the potential our students represent for creating a better and more just world. Over the next few days we hope that you pause and take time to reflect on what you are thankful for and to share this gratitude with others.


  • The Morrison Tech Admissions Team; Jodie E.-  Abe D.- Jodie J.