Seniors – What to do on our winter break

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It’s your senior year and you’ve finally made it through your first semester! One more to go and you are off to college!

Go ahead and sleep in, but winter break is a great time to catch up on the things you have been too busy to complete. So don’t hit cruise control just yet.

Here are a few items you can finalize while you are on break

  • It is imperative to complete your financial aid.  This is a busy season but if you have not completed the FAFSA pull your parents aside, complete and submit it.
  • Search for scholarships. You have the time – do not let it slip by
  • Work a part time job.  It is a great experience and will help save money for college
  • Research deadlines at the college(s) you plan to attend.  Look for housing deadline, school-specific scholarships, deposit deadlines…
  • If you have not yet visited schools you have applied at – schedule a visit.  Most college Admissions Offices are open during your break.
  • If you have not yet done so, take the ACT or SAT.  If you are not happy with your score, schedule to take it again.  Typically you will leave with a higher score on your second try. Make sure you have added the codes of all the schools you are interested in.  It is easier to do this than to have to add them later.
  • Use this time to clean up any social media accounts you may have.  Many colleges look at your accounts if they are open. Make sure they are respectful, not everyone needs to know your happenings

If you are applying to Morrison Tech, we have made it easy for you. Apply online and submit. We take it from there. Acceptance is not based on an admissions essay (you won’t find one here), your overall GPA or you ACT/SAT scores. 

At Morrison Tech we recognize that classes with all of the books, all of the reading and even more math – may not be your thing. Maybe you excel in classes that are taught hands on.  That is what we offer – a hands on education. If you would like to tour, please contact Admissions at (815)772-7218 x206 or email