River Bend 7th Graders Attend Technology Day

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Seventh graders from River Bend Middle School in Fulton attended Morrison Tech’s first 2016-2017 Junior High Technology Day on Friday, Nov. 4. More than 70 students participated in five hands-on activities focused on the principles of engineering.

Activities included:

  • Working in groups to build the tallest structure using limited resources – newspaper and tape.
  • Using solid modeling software to design a 3D model of a whistle; at the end of the day students received a prototype of the whistle that had been printed on one of Morrison Tech’s 3D printers.
  • Creating a trial mix of concrete and testing concrete for workability and compression strength.
  • Designing a bridge with special software and physically testing a bridge under typical loads.
  • Exploring commonly used manufacturing processes, including an injection molding station where they created a plastic paper clip, golf tees or screwdriver.

Morrison Tech has planned five more of its Technology Days for the 2016-2017 academic year. Nearly 400 seventh graders from eight area schools are planning to participate.