Morrison Institute of Technology Reunion 2023

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Morrison Institute of Technology welcomed home more than fifty alumni and guests to their All-Alumni Reunion on July 15th, 2023.  During the reunion, the College also launched what will be a year-long celebration of their 50th Anniversary as Morrison Institute of Technology.  To join in the camaraderie and cheer, Alumni were in attendance from every decade.  Some graduates were from as early as 1968 when the college was known as the “Institute of Drafting and Technology. Others, from as recent as two months ago, having graduated with the Class of 2023.   

Over the course of the afternoon, alumni chatted with instructors, reconnected with old friends, and explored every corner of campus. Whether it was the time spent reliving memories, the countless hugs and high-fives, or the unexpected perfect weather - all parts served to create an extraordinary day.

After a catered lunch was served, a ceremony was held to distribute awards and share the College’s upcoming vision.  Jodie Eaker, VP of Admissions, welcomed the crowd and acknowledged several Morrison Tech employees who have demonstrated numerous years of service and commitment to the college: 

President Christopher Scott - 28 years

Mr. Jason Long - 22 years 

Mr. Scott Connelly - 20 years 

Mr. Greg Tully - 20 years.  


Ms Eaker also recognized the Board of Directors for the college; 

Mr. Mike Gunderson 

Mr. Dave Weber 

Mr. Craig Grey

Mr. Ken Gooley    

Scott Connelly, VP of Academics and Career Services Director, announced those honored as Outstanding Alumni and Notable Employer Partners.  He also, somberly, held a dedication of the Parkinson Auditorium.  The auditorium is in memory of Mr. Richard Parkinson, founding member, who passed away in 2022.

The following awards were presented.

Outstanding Alumni

Kevin Roukey Class of 1971

Steven Davito Class of 1977

Frank Bushman Class of 1978

Craig LeBaron Class of 1973

Jack Reid Class of 1996


 Notable Employer Partners

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Sargent and Lundy

Illinois Department of Transportation (I.D.O.T.)


After the awards ceremony convened, President Christopher Scott made an official announcement regarding the exciting new addition to the College’s current Innovation Center.  This annex will house Morrison Tech’s newest concentration on the Engineering Technology side: Automation and Intelligent Controls Processes.  President Scott informed the audience that this additional program and new structure are both largely due to a grant received while Congresswoman Cheri Bustos was in office.

It was an impressive day at the college.  Morrison Tech is honored to be celebrating 50 years alongside such an extraordinary group of individuals; the community cultivated at Morrison is unlike any other. 


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