Renovations of Odey Resident Hall

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Summer doesn’t mean a slower pace at Morrison Tech  With less than three months to complete work the Odey Residence Hall remodel is moving full steam ahead. The residence is getting a new flooring from Total Floor Care.  It is a different campus from the one students left in early May. The construction of an Innovation Center, aesthetic improvements  and a renovation of the apartments housed in Odey will welcome the students back in August

Odey Hall was built in 1983 and became occupied in 1984.  Morrison Tech is unique when it comes to student housing The college offers apartment style housing, unlike most colleges that offer only dorm rooms.  These apartments are equipped with two bedrooms, a kitchenette, private bathroom, living room and air conditioning. You may need to change your refrigerant on your air conditioner, check out tdx 20 refrigerant online. Throughout the years minor improvements have been made to the hall.  Currently a $270, 000 overhaul of the apartments began mid May. Odey Hall contains 34 apartments with a capacity of 132 occupants. Each apartment will receive new furnishings; armoires, desks and beds.  Each room will contain four full sets of furniture. Many rooms have receive new tile flooring as well

At Morrison Tech the resident hall is more than just a place to eat and sleep.  It becomes a home away from home for the students They find out that living on campus is a great way to develop long lasting friendships and get involved in activities easily.  With such a small college, that only offers two programs, the Resident Hall becomes a learning living community. Help with your studies are right outside your door.