1st Annual POP UP Meet & Greet!

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On Saturday, June 17th 2023, Morrison Tech held its first POP UP Meet & Greet. The event was a first of its kind for the College, as it was opened to both current and incoming students, along with their families.  The goal for this event was to cultivate a sense of community and foster the family environment that Morrison Tech is best known for.  Families and students were encouraged to mingle with each other, and given opportunities to form a network of support among those who attended.  Students and their families traveled from as far as Tennessee to as close as Milledgeville to join in on the day’s festivities.


The day included a forging demonstration, a VR tour of the new annex being built onto the Innovation Center, and a question and answer session hosted by current students, alumni, and instructors. This session covered various topics relevant to both students and their families such as campus activities, dorm room essentials, and tips and tricks for an effective academic experience.  Lunch was provided by the College and included a fun, “POP” themed spread featuring goodies such as Pop Rocks, Pop Tarts, popcorn, and cake pops.


The afternoon session separated the students and parents.  The students headed out to explore campus while the parents had a round table with instructors on what to expect for their child’s first year of college and how they could best support them. Instructors and staff were also available throughout the day for personal questions and one on one discussion.  The day concluded with families and their students touring the Residential Hall and selecting their dorm room for the upcoming school year.  


“It was an incredible opportunity to see students and their families experience campus for the first time as enrolled students,” says Jodie Eaker, VP of Admissions. “To watch the students, families and instructors interact was exciting.  It was a fun day and I am thankful for all that took the time to attend.  I cannot wait for the Fall 2023 academic year to kick off!.”   


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