No Excuses Innovation Presented by Dr. Bruce Vojak

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Dr. Bruce Vojak, Director and Founder of Innovation Advisors, presented his most recent “No-Excuses Innovation” publication at Morrison Tech Institute of Technology. This presentation was open to the public and organized by Whiteside County and economical development Director Garay Camarano and Morrison Institute of Technology. It attracted many local companies and organizations, such as the IFH (Innovative Fluid Handling), IMEC (Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center), Jo-Carroll Energy, Wahl Clipper, and several others.  Many of the faculty and students of Morrison Tech also joined the event. 

Dr. Vojak’s presentation gave an overview of his latest book, demonstrating how he and his Co-Author, Walter Herbst found unique ways to share their expertise and innovative breakthroughs with their clients. Using their experiences and ongoing business trends, they created this book as a tool for small and medium-sized companies to become more innovative in their strategies. Dr.Vojak’s presentation was well received, and some attendees showed their interest in booking future engagements.

After the presentation ended, Dr. Vojak and all the guests were given a tour of Morrison Tech’s Innovation Center and the newly implemented Virtual Reality facility. The guests were given a first-hand experience of why Morrison Tech’s Innovation Center was nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards 2022. They got to see and learn about the latest educational tools and business support services provided by the college. This event was a unique opportunity to recognize and support the local industry and its commitment to innovation and renewal.