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May 1st has been known as National College Decision Day for decades.  Historically, this has been the date most colleges have set as their deadline for prospective students to accept enrollment and submit their financial deposits; pledging their commitments and securing spots for the following semester.  In 2024, National Decision Day is a bit more ominous than it has been in years past.  The difficulties experienced with the Department of Education rolling out the “new” FAFSA (late opening of the form, delayed processing time and even FAFSAs being processed incorrectly) have placed both colleges/universities and students in stressful positions.


With the delayed opening of the FAFSA, and subsequent delay of the information being provided to institutions, most students have not received their financial package from their colleges of interest.  While a few colleges have pushed back their enrollment deadline, many are still asking the prospective student to make their decision of acceptance while still financially naive.  This creates even more stress on the high school senior, who more than likely has been under pressure for months to choose a college, and forces the student to commit without receiving any indication of what financial aid is available to them.  

Morrison Tech has always recognized the pressure placed on high school seniors.  The college has never placed an early acceptance deadline on students interested in attending and has always gone against the trend of asking students earlier and earlier to start thinking about college. This year, more than ever, the student needs more time to make their final decision.  In the college’s eyes, it is not fair to ask a student to choose a college without a financial aid package.  Morrison has always been transparent regarding admissions and financial aid and continues to place all students as their top priority. 


“As an institution, we will always place the best interest of our students and prospective students first.  This year, while other colleges are nudging their prospective students to make acceptance decisions blindly, without an aid package, we remain consistent with our previous practices.  For us, the student has until mid-August to commit to the college. Allowing the student time to clearly think through the decision - this has been and is the right thing to do.” states Jodie Eaker, VP of Admissions.  

If you or someone you know is interested in attending Morrison Tech for the Fall 2024 semester, you can relax - there is still time to apply at Morrison.  The staff and faculty of this college are ready to assist the prospective student and their family every step of the way on their college decision.  The college is open regular hours during the summer and tours are available 7 days a week by appointment.  Please contact the Admissions Office at 815.772.7218 x 206 or email