Morrison Tech Breaking Ground On New Construction Fall 2023

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Morrison Tech is proud to announce the expansion of the Morrison Tech Innovation Center on campus.  This addition will serve both students and the community by creating more space for technology exploration and active learning, attributes the college is best known for.  The new construction will consist of a large new lab space connected to the current Innovation Center via a new enclosed walkway, and a separate building that will be known as a “hot shop”.  Combined, these additions will add another 6000 sq. feet onto the facility. 

An enclosed courtyard will also be developed behind the extension which will create an inviting outdoor space in which to host demonstrations and special events.

The new expansion has been in the design and planning stage for the past several years.  The annex will assist with housing additional equipment that is needed to complete the college’s newest program under the Engineering Technology curriculum; Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes.  The facility will house a 5000 square foot industrial/lab space, a 550 sq. foot enclosed walkway that will hold study spaces and a separate 700 square foot building that will accommodate welding, casting, and forging equipment. 

Currently the college is utilizing their Virtual Reality Lab to model the building and make adjustments accordingly.  The VR space allows the design team to immersively experience the design complete with fixtures, furnishings, and equipment. In the virtual environment designers walk freely between and within the buildings to gauge distance, height and space.  The college is partnering with Wick Buildings for this new development. 

The project is primarily funded through a $1.5 million grant spearheaded by former US Congresswoman Cherie Bustos and supported by Senator Dick Durbin.  In September of 2022 Congresswoman Bustos visited the campus to present the check for the project.   

Groundbreaking is set for the Fall of 2023.