Morrison Tech’s Spring Career Fair 2023

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Morrison Tech will host their annual Spring Career Fair on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.  The fair is open to current Morrison Tech students and Alumni.  With a diverse array of companies and organizations in attendance, the fair provides opportunities for candidates to explore career options and for employers to meet top talent.

Last year's fair was a great success. Many current students found internships that helped jumpstart their careers, and soon-to-be graduates secured full-time employment due to the connections that were made at the event.

Nick Garcia, a recent graduate from Morrison Tech, shared his experience at the career fair. “It was well-planned as it provided ample opportunities for students to explore future career options.” He was able to speak with several potential employers in different areas of his field of study and found a great fit with the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

Payton Cassidy, a current graduating student, stated, “It was a valuable resource in finding employment opportunities.”  Payton secured an internship with Shive Hattery through the fair, which has led him to a full-time position within the company upon graduating in April.  Cassidy also appreciated the atmosphere and setup of the fair,  “It allowed me to network and connect with potential employers. Through the fair, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the job market and what employers were seeking.”

This year's fair is currently the largest hosted by the college.  There will be more companies and organizations in attendance, along with a wider range of industries represented.  Whether you're a recent graduate seeking your first job, a current student pursuing an internship, a seasoned professional seeking a new challenge, or an employer looking to recruit top talent, the Morrison Tech Spring Career Fair provides great opportunities for all.