Morrison Tech Ranked #16, Nationally, On ROI

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Morrison Tech was recently ranked #16 (out of 100) two years colleges for their students return on investment by  The college is the only two year college in Illinois to receive notoriety for their accomplishment.

Return on investment, also known as ROI, is a term that professionals use when talking about investments. It refers to the amount that you get back for each investment that you make. You should think of your ROI when attending college, just as you would when you invest.  When determining your ROI at a college you need to look beyond just the cost of attendance.  You need to factor in dorm cost (if applicable), books, meals and travel back and forth to campus if you are a commuter.  A salary larger than what you spent on college is your target ROI and is a rare find, but you will find this at Morrison Tech.

ROI is extremely important and one of the things you should look at when selecting a college. Choosing a college isn’t something you should take lightly. In addition to looking at the degree and course options, you’ll also want to look at how that college can help you in the future.  At Morrison Tech we have a 97% career placement rate, an average starting salary of $48k and offer life time career placement.  You receive much more than a solid ROI when you attend Morrison Tech – you find a new family that is there to help you every step of the way, whether that be while attending, upon graduating or farther into your future.

Morrison Tech is open for tours if you would like to see first-hand why the college received such an accolade.  Please contact Admissions if you would like to schedule a tour or have questions.

Admissions; 815-772-7218 x206