Morrison Tech Hosts Spring 2022 Career Fair

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Morrison Tech's Spring Career Fair was a great success. The college hosts biannual career fairs to support its students. The event hosted 28 reputable establishments in the IT Engineering industry across the Midwest. Employers filled Morrison Tech's Parkinson Auditorium to recruit for internship programs and job openings. They came equipped with presentations, brochures, and fully supplied HR stations.

This event is one of the contributing factors to Morrison Tech’s 97% placement rate. This achievement results from Morrison Tech's mission to ensure the success of its students in today's job market. This mission supports the practical aspect of the IT and Engineering programs taught as it provides the students with a perspective of their future careers.

The rapid growth of this recurring event is an indicator of the quality of Morrison Tech's students. Many of the employers were regulars to the affair and confident with their previous experiences. Mr. Mark Cox, a project manager at D Construction who was one of the stationed employers, shared his thoughts about the event. He stated, "I am here to look for talent and a long-term investment; Morrison Tech has the potential to deliver both." Travis Hauman, a representative of Williams White added “As a graduate from MIT myself, I know exactly what to expect from these students.”

Morrison Tech’s Career fair was a productive event for everyone involved, especially the students. Most were able to collect information, fill out job applications, and build a network with prospective employers and soon-to-be colleagues in the workforce. LaMarcus Evans, one of Morrison Tech's students who is expected to graduate in May 2022, expressed in disbelief, "I am expecting so many phone calls and job interviews throughout spring break. I won't even have a break at this point!" Hunter Onley, a first-year networking student, walked out pleased as she joyfully commented, "It looks like I just found my job already."