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Morrison Tech is taking all necessary precautions in response to COVID 19, and will continue to protect the safety of our students, however, we have heard from many students struggling with the loss of jobs, inadequate computing resources for remote learning, housing, and other challenges.

The college has created a Student Emergency Assistance Fund to assist with these challenges as we work with individuals who are struggling to continue their education during these challenging times. All gifts made to this fund will be used to support student needs.

Every gift makes a difference to a student facing uncertainty and hardship.  Morrison Tech is working tirelessly to make sure all of our campus family is able to remain safe and productive as we move forward to face the challenges that have become part of our daily lives.

For many, Morrison Tech is an opportunity to build a better life.  Most of our students require some form of financial aid, and many are the first members in their families to pursue college.  With the large number of students with unmet financial need, many rely on part-time or even full-time employment to attain their professional goals.  Current circumstances may further tax these students.

Join us in support of our current students,  Your generous gift could make all the difference for a student in need.  Thank you for your considerate support.

Don’t forget that Morrison Tech is a 501c3 nonprofit, and that many employers match employee donations.  

Student Relief Fund