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With family and friends looking on, Morrison Tech held its 82nd commencement ceremony on April 29, 2023, in the Parkinson Auditorium.  The Auditorium was full of loved ones there to cheer on the 2023 Graduates.  One family even arrived with matching shirts in support of their graduate.

President Christopher Scott addressed the graduates in a speech that encouraged them to appreciate and recognize this milestone. “I truly believe that the power to shape the future is in each of you. I also believe that to succeed in this endeavor, humility must be your constant companion. With your education as your guide and humility as your companion, I have every confidence that you will tackle the most complex issues of our day.” He told the graduates before shaking hands and handing out their diplomas.

The ceremony featured three speeches delivered by students from each area of study. The students chosen to represent their programs were: Payton Cassidy (Rock Island, IL) , Mechanical ET, Elizabeth Rothermel (Durand, IL), Construction ET, and Hunter Onley (Shannon, IL), Network Administration.

In addition to the awarding of degrees, several students received additional awards and recognitions:

Jonathan Schwank - Excellence in Building & Construction Technology

 Bradley Toppert  - Excellence in Design Technology 

 Bradley Toppert - Excellence in Mathematics

 Sean McVay - Excellence in Network Administration

 Liam Hermes - Excellence in Technical Communication


Two years passed very quickly for these students; who entered as young apprehensive adults and walked across a stage with confidence at the end.  “Each year it always amazes me the transition from their arrival on campus to their departure, in only two short years.  Bittersweet is not a strong enough word to depict today, “ VP of Admissions, Jodie Eaker stated, “I know that the college makes an impact on these students but the mark they leave on us is immeasurable.”

Many of the graduates will start their careers, some as soon as today, while others will continue their education at a 4-year institution.  They will head out to many companies including, John Deere, Shive-Hattery, IMEG Corp,  Fehr Graham, Army Corps of Engineers, and Timken Industries.  Upon graduation, more than 72% of graduates have already found employment while others are contemplating which job offer to take. 


Graduates for the May 2023 term:

Summa Cum Laude *** Magna Cum Laude ** Cum Laude *

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Brody Grimes* -  Cordova, Illinois

Joseph Hopkins** -  Pontiac, Illinois 

Ethan Kullerstrand - Dixon, Illinois

Elizabeth Rothermel*** - Durand, Illinois

Brett Schaefer - Leaf River, Illinois

Jonathan Schwank*** - Sterling, Illinois


Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration

Payton Cassidy*** - Rock Island, Illinois

Kobe Gabbard - Milledgeville, Illinois 

Braedon Howard - Rock Falls, Illinois

John McGrane - Dyersville, Iowa

Ethan Milder - Wyoming, Iowa 

Joshua Smith - Prophetstown, Illinois 

Gabriel Streets Wood - Morrison, Illinois

Bradley Toppert* - Morrison, Illinois

Jackson Vogel - Davenport, Iowa

Dylan Yates** - Somonauk, Illinois



Networking Administration Concentration

Carlos Abarca - Chicago, Illinois

Fernando Castro Jr.*** - Dixon, Illinois

Liam Hermes - Stockton, Illinois

William Jezek - Tampico, Illinois

Connor Martin - Oxford Junction, Iowa

Sean McVay - Plainfield, Illinois

Chaz Meyer*** - Godfrey, Illinois

Hunter Onley* - Shannon, Illinois

Emily Thurman* - Washington, Illinois


Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration December 2022

Nicolas Garcia** - Sterling, Illinois 

Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration December 2022

Jacob Dorethy - Knoxville, Illinois 

 Networking Administration Concentration December 2022

Zachary Cox - Morrison, Illinois

Luis Vargas** - Sterling, Illinois