Morrison Tech 2018 Spring Commencement Ceremony

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The 78th graduating class of Morrison Tech celebrated their two years of hard work at a graduation ceremony on Saturday April 28, 2018 in the Parkinson Auditorium. Students coming from varying states and backgrounds smiled, cheered and shook many hands as they realized that they had closed an important chapter in their lives.

The ceremony featured three speeches delivered by students from each area of study. The students chosen to represent their programs were: Jose Perez Robles, Mechanical ET, Gage Miller, Construction ET and Ben Wrocynski, Network Administration.

The ceremony also recognized the retirement of Mr. Jim Prombo, who has served the college for the last 13 years. Mr. Prombo has held several positions at the college most recently as an instructor. Many lives have been affected by Mr. Prombo’s teachings and story telling, and has long been a favorite of the student body, he will be missed.

In addition to the awarding of degrees, several students received additional awards and recognitions:

Matthew Kirgan-Excellence in Building & Construction Technology

James Castle-Excellence in Drafting Technology

Eban Pribble- Excellence in Engineering Technology

Matthew Johnson-Excellence in Mathematics

Matthew Johnson-Excellence in Network Administration

Jose Perez Robles-Excellence in Communication


Within minutes, these young adults went from being students to becoming alumni of Morrison Tech. Many of the graduates will start their careers, some as soon as today, while others will continue their education at a 4 year institution.

“It is bittersweet to see part of our Morrison Tech family leave. Over the past two years, these students have left us with unforgettable memories.  Watching these young men and women step out into the real world prepared to tackle anything - leaves us proud and really hits home on how fast life travels. As a college we thank the students and their families for allowing us to be a part of their lives for the past two years.” said Mr. Christopher Scott, Morrison Tech President.

Graduates for the May 2018 term:

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Jeremy R. Henson*

Mathew C. Kirgan***

Gage J Miller**


Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration

James Castle***

Jeffrey Fitzsimmons

Tyler C. Hollister

Tyler H. Markus

Jose O. Perez Robles**

Grant Piske

Eban Pribble

Dakota J.L. Pryce

Tony Rumfelt*

Jonathon Rummerfield

Spencer J. Sahm

Brian Slater***

Kyle Thomas Walker


Network Administration

Hunter C. Appenzeller*

Benjamin L. Bailey

Jonathan J. Buckley

Dillon J. Gallentine

Matthew Gerard Johnson***

Parker R. Legel

Coy Kenneth Lee Tarbill

Benjamin Haven Wrocynski


The graduates from the winter term 2017 are:

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Paige Barringer

Marion Frye

James Nash

Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration

Brandon Ellwanger

Denton Griffin

Derek Hobbick***  


*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude