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As the economy has become increasingly global, it's become steadily more difficult to find products made in the United States.  Morrison Tech has decided to make finding hand crafted products easier by introducing Made at Morrison Tech.  

Consumers are not wishing to purchase products that have been mass produced, they are seeking more personal, uncommon and handmade items.  You will find these pieces at the Morrison Tech campus.

The college has a long history of Made at Morrison Tech, much of the campus has been constructed by students and staff over the years.   Our graduates' fingerprints can be seen on most major civil engineering projects all over this nation and many products that are being manufactured in the United States.

The recent addition of the Innovation Center, which opened in the Spring of 2019, has allowed Morrison Tech an even bigger opportunity to continue this long tradition of Made at Morrison Tech. 

For the first time we would like to invite the public the opportunity to own a little piece of Morrison Tech and some of the wonderful ideas that have been designed and built here on the campus.  As we enter the Christmas season many of these products would make for a wonderful gift.  

Each creation began with a concept that generated a design utilizing CAD software.  This design was then prototyped out using 3D printers and/or CNC machinery.  The last step is to bring this design into reality.

You will find several unique pieces that are Made at Morrison Tech throughout campus.  These wonderful displays of art have been the product of staff and student visions.

All items may be purchased from the Morrison Tech Marketplace AND  all proceeds will go to assisting students in their educational experiences at Morrison Tech. Help us to foster the ideals of innovation and craftsmanship in future generations of young professionals.

Visit the IC Marketplace 

Please give us a call 815-772-7218 ext 206 or email to schedule an appointment to see these pieces in person.  And check back often as new products are constitatal being designed and built.