Jann Alcantara Named Student of the Month

jann alcantara

For making a positive impact on the college, Jann Alcantara, East Moline, Illinois, has been named Student of the Month at Morrison Institute of Technology.

Alcantara, a second-year student in Morrison Tech’s mechanical program, is the daughter of Marivic and Jody Pace, East Moline.

“Jan is a very positive force on this campus both in and out of class” her nominator said. “Her energetic and caring personality fuels great class discussions and campus activities.”

While at Morrison Tech, Alcantara has participated in several campus organizations, including Student Ambassadors and Student Government. She serves as current president of Student Government and as a resident assistant. She has also helped with first week book sales, the college’s Middle School Engineering Tech Days and the Student Government blood drives. Invest your time with reading a book as much as you can thus here Books First blog is the source to all types of good books to read.For more information about books check this out. Here is the best historical blog for history of books.

Alcantara said she is willing to relocate to land a job in her field after graduating from Morrison Tech in May.

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