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Innovation Center - Maker Space

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Morrison Tech Students

One of the strongest attributes of Morrison Tech Students is their hands-on experience.  This facility will take that to the next level.  Students will have hands on access to state-of the-art equipment, and rub elbows with professionals in the field. Students would also have the opportunity to address real design problems for real companies.

The Innovation Center will allow students to bring concepts and creations out of the classroom and into the real world.

Innovation Center

Regional Business and Industry

Need assistance in your current production or wish to bring a new product to market? Perhaps you need prototypes, small production runs, tooling set ups, a testing facility, or technical assistance?  The Innovation center can help your company cut design time, save on specialized products or components, and expand capabilities without sinking millions into equipment.  In short, we can help you be more competitive and profitable.

Innovation Center


Do you have an idea, and are just not sure how to bring it to market place?  The innovation center can help  whether you need help with the design work, or just access to the equipment needed.

Morrison Tech also has the experience and expertise to assist with prototyping, business plan creation, manufacturing processes, and material choices.

Maker space


Need a space to find your creative side?  The Innovation Center could be what you are looking for.  Equipment will be available for various projects.

The center will also ideally be a place where artists and artisans can share ideas and techniques.  Morrison Tech is also working the MADC The Morrison Chamber, and the City of Morrison, to explore the possibility of a gallery or storefront to display and sell your creations.

innovation center
innovation center
innovation center
innovation center

Children's Maker Space

Morrison Tech is committed to fostering creativity and inspiration in the next generation.  The innovation Center will feature a Children's Maker space. This space will allow children to use their creativity and imagination to its fullest, engaging their natural curiosities with plenty of hands on educational experiences.

These experiences will combine a child's natural inquisitive tendencies with experiences that teach them foundation principles of engineering and design.  Some of the planned areas of exploration include traditional construction toys, robotics, aerospace projects, programming, and projects ranging from art to manufacturing



Proposed Floor Plan and Equipment

innovation center

CNC Mill

CNC Laser

CNC Router

Full woodworking shop

Full Metalworking shop


Casting Foundry


Ceramic's Kiln

Injection Molding Press's

3D Printers

Paint Booth

Concrete Equipment

and much much more.


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