Honoring A Legacy


During the quietness of campus in the summer months some of the most momentous events take place.  This week we paid tribute to one of the founders of the college, a man that gave over 50 years to the institution; Richard Parkinson.  The name of the gentleman that always represented the principles of the college now graces the entrance to the main building on campus.  The building that houses the auditorium, administrative offices and tech classrooms has now been crowned the Parkinson Tech Center.

Richard Parkinson, known to most as simply “P”, passed away in April 2022.  At that time, he could still be found daily on campus.  Morrison Institute of Technology lost a living legend that year.

The decision to place Mr. Parkinson’s name on the entrance to the wall was driven by a desire to honor his legacy and ensure that future generations of students, families and faculty alike remember the guiding principles upon which the college was built. It serves as a reminder of the values we uphold and the aspirations we continue to strive towards.

After the letters were hung, the staff gathered to take a moment - a moment of reflection and quiet celebration.  The gathering underscored the enduring impact that Mr. Parkinson left.

As we pass by the doors and glance at his name, let it remind everyone not only of the past but also of the responsibility we share in carrying forward his spirit of innovation, inclusivity, and excellence that defines Morrison Tech. In honoring Richard Parkinson, we honor ourselves and our collective journey towards a brighter future.


mr p