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Transfer Between Programs at Morrison Institute of Technology

Transfer between programs offered by Morrison Institute of Technology can be arranged by contacting the Vice President of Academic Affairs and presenting a written letter requesting a transfer. All credits will transfer, but only those directly applying to the newly selected program will apply toward the completion of the requirements for the newly chosen program.

Transfer to Other Institutions of Higher Education

A transfer agreement has been established with many regional four year colleges for transfer to their technology programs. The Vice President of Academics at Morrison Institute of Technology should be contacted when considering transfer to another institution of higher education. Assistance will be provided to the student in working with the receiving institution to determine which Morrison Institute of Technology courses will transfer. As is the case in transferring between colleges, credits that will transfer are those which align with the program to which the student is transferring. A list of the colleges which offer the best transfers from Morrison Institute of Technology is available upon request from the Vice President of Academics.