Educational Objectives Student Outcomes for the Engineering Technology Program

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Educational Objectives for the Engineering Technology Program

Based on the needs of the program’s constituencies the following educational objectives have been established for the Engineering Technology Program:

Within the first four years in their chosen careers, as a result of the education received in the Engineering Technology program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Contribute to the economic development of their community and region or pursue advanced education in engineering technology, industrial studies, or management.
  2. Establish themselves as practicing professionals who demonstrate sound technical problem solving abilities and the ability to locate, understand, and interpret an organization’s technical data and to be able to contribute to the acquisition and management of this information. 
  3. Effectively implement design practices and standards in a variety of computer aided drafting platforms in a manner that supports organizational efficiency.
  4. Demonstrate competence and understanding of oral and written professional communication.
  5. Contribute effectively to the collaborative efforts of their organizations
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical behavior that reflects positively on themselves, their organization, and their profession. 
  7. Recognize the need for and pursue continuing professional development and lifelong learning..

Student Outcomes for the Engineering Technology Program

The following student outcomes are expected to be met at graduation, and support the development of the performance objectives as the graduates begin their careers.

1-1 Use problem solving techniques to make proposals for solving classroom and laboratory simulation problems.

1-2 Apply mathematical and physics formulae to solve technical problems appropriate to their field of study.

2-1 Use technical manuals to accurately locate and interpret Data to apply in the development of a project

3-1 Utilize CAD skills to create 2D & 3D working drawings from engineering notes and/or sketches.

4-1 Write organized and accurate lab reports, Feasibility reports, performance reviews, and other job related reports and documents

4-2 Make an organized verbal presentation

5-1 Participate as a contributing member of a team and identify and solve team dynamics problems.

6-1 Project potential impacts of personal and Technical decisions on individuals, organization, society as a whole, and the environment and identify ethical and legal implications including a respect for diversity in society.

6-2 Demonstrate professionalism, timeliness and a commitment to continuous improvement.

7-1 Describe the educational benefits available in at least two professional organizations in their chosen career field.

7-2 Describe their options for pursuing an advanced degree upon completion of their degree at Morrison Institute of Technology.