Return To Campus Plan

Academic and Student Life 

Fall 2020 Overview

The college has and will continue to do everything possible to protect the students safety during the Fall 2020 semester.  However, the student must take personal responsibility for their health.

Precautions taken on a daily basis.

  1. Classrooms will be disinfected before and after each class
  2. The student must download (app) and complete the COVID screening questions before their first class of the day
  3. Masks are required when social distancing may not be available
  4. There will be one entrance and one exit on each building on campus.  Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance of every building
  5. A hands free thermal scanner will be at the entrance of each building and the student must be scanned and cleared from a fever to enter the building .

Residence Hall Policies During COVID-19

Enhanced cleaning will take place in all common areas, especially high-touch surfaces in residence halls. Students will receive instructions on how to sanitize their personal areas. Hand-sanitizing stations will be available at the main entrance.  Furniture in the common area has been repositioned to allow for proper spacing. While face masks are not required we urge students to use their best judgement; face masks are encouraged.  Residence hall access will be restricted to Morrison Tech students only, there is a no visitor policy in place. Additional information about safety measures — including plans for self-quarantine and isolation measures, will be discussed at .  

Campus Events

Campus events will host no more than 50 people at a time.  The small size of the college allows us to continue hosting all scheduled events. Decisions about larger on-campus events will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Move-In Day for Dorm Students

Move-in for returning students will be Friday, August 21st and Saturday, August 22nd

New Students – Sunday, August 23rd

To maintain social distancing requirements students must schedule a time to move-in with a scheduled time every hour 

A select group of returning students will assist on move in day taking precautions; masks. handwashing…

You may schedule this time by emailing the Admissions Office at or by calling the Admissions Office at 815-772-7218 x206

Book Sales

Books that have been previously purchased from the college will be available for pick up on

  •         Friday, August 21st; 9a-3p
  •         Saturday, August 22nd; 9a-5p
  •         Sunday, August 23rd; 9a – 5p

If you are unable to pick up your books during these times please contact Chris Krum at; 815-772-7218 x200

 New Student Orientation

This fall’s New Student Orientation will be held on Monday, August 24th.   Orientation begins at 9am in the Parkinson Auditorium

Returning Student Orientation

The fall Returning Student Orientation will be held on Monday, August 24th.  Orientation begins at 10:15a in the Parkinson Auditorium

More details regarding orientation will be released in August. 

Questions or Concerns

Students who have concerns about being on campus because of a condition that places them in a high-risk group, or for other reasons, should contact the Admissions Office; 815-772-7218 x206,

Safety Practices for the Campus Community 

One of the College’s guiding principles is to remain student centric.  Consistent with this principle, all campus community members are asked to be considerate of others on campus and to consistently participate in the safety practices described below, as they are intended to help keep our campus safe.  

Face Masks

Face masks are required while in the presence of others or you are unable to social distance.

Social Distancing 

While on campus please do your best to maintain appropriate social distancing in order to avoid being exposed to or spreading COVID-19. To that end, the College has implemented the following social-distancing/separation measures: 

  1. Classes will be held in larger classrooms whenever possible.
  2. Classes will remain small and fall under government guidelines
  3. The Odey residence hall will remain locked at all times and will only be available for dorm students.  Dorm students will be equipped with a key that will allow them entrance. 
  4. Signage will be placed throughout campus that will include CDC guidelines and other safe practices. 
  5. Physical spaces (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms, etc.) are being analyzed to determine what adjustments should be made to promote social distancing while still complying with any applicable building code requirements. 

Personal Sanitation Measures

Students, faculty and staff should maintain good personal sanitation/hygiene, keeping the following in mind: 

  1. Frequent hand-washing is the first line of defense against the spread of COVID-19. Everyone should wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place, or after coughing, sneezing, blowing their nose, or touching their face. If soap and water are not readily available, employees should use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 
  2. Everyone is encouraged to carry their own hand sanitizer. 
  3. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own water. The hands-free, bottle-filling stations will still be available. 
  4. Everyone should minimize or avoid sharing personal items and work supplies with others. 

In addition, the College has implemented the following measures to encourage people on the College’s campus to practice good sanitation/hygiene: 

  1. Hand sanitizer will be available in various campus locations. 
  2. Hand-washing and hygiene posters have been displayed in various locations around campus, including in academic buildings, administrative buildings and residence halls. 
  3. Additional measures may be implemented by the college when needed.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

Employees and departments will be expected to assist with cleaning their workspaces and other high-touch surface areas in their physical work environments. Cleaner and disinfectant will be provided in high-traffic areas, as needed. 

As it relates to cleaning and disinfecting the campus, the College has implemented the following protocols: 

  1. Deep cleaning has been continuous throughout the summer in the residence hall, academic and administrative buildings. Once areas are opened, cleaning will continue based on occupancy use.
  2. Open buildings will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis based on occupancy and use. 
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surface areas (such as controls, door handles, railings, copy machines, etc.) will occur on a regular basis. 
  4. Disinfecting sprayer will be utilized in classrooms.  Desks, chairs and any high-touched surfaces will be wiped down between classes.
  5. Additional cleaning measures will be taken if the College is notified that an individual is/was on campus with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19.