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The college is authorized to operate and grant degrees in the state of Illinois under the applicable state statutes administered by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.  The Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commissions (ETAC) of ABET,  Additionally, the  Design Drafting CAD specialization at Morrison Institute of Technology is certified by the American Drafting Design Association at the design/drafter level.  The college is also accredited by the Council on Occupational Education COE.  The State of Illinois, Department of Veterans Affairs, and State Approving Agency, has approved Morrison Institute of Technology for veteran’s training under Chapter 36 of Title #38, U.S. Code.  The Division of Rehabilitation services (DORS) and the Workforce Investment Act, WIA, (formerly JTPA) both refer clients to the college for training.  The college is listed in the Educational Directory, U.S. Department of Education, as a legally authorized institution of higher learning, allowing qualified students to participate in a number of federally funded student financial aid and grant programs.  There are also scholarship and special loan programs available to qualified students.  The college is also a member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), thus extending educational opportunities to service personnel while on active duty.  The college is also a member of the Better Business Bureau.