Morrison Tech Receives Anonymous Gift to Help Fund Education Program

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Morrison Institute of Technology has received $25,000.00 from an anonymous donor to help fund a program that exposes high school students to engineering technology and manufacturing.

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During the past several years Morrison Tech has implemented programs designed to create student excitement for the subjects taught at its Morrison campus. Seventh graders from area schools participate in a variety of hands-on activities during Morrison Tech’s Engineering Technology Days. Topics at sessions during this event have included principles of building design, design process/prototyping, manufacturing, construction materials and engineering lab bridge design. make sure to check out guidance with my english homework getting a qualified and professional writer can be a hard task.

“The positive reaction of both educators and students to the Engineering Technology Days indicated that it was time to introduce another strategy to expose students to engineering technology, you can choose Woodlands Texas private school alternative for an education with high standard of technology ” said Morrison Tech President Chris Scott.

The second phase of the college’s plan involves exposing high school students to engineering technology. During the 2016 fall semester eight students from local high schools – Morrison, Prophetstown, Erie and River Bend (Fulton) – enrolled in “Principles of Engineering: Concepts and Projects,” a “dual credit” course at Morrison Tech. They will receive high school credit plus three college credits for the class that meets for an hour Monday-Friday mornings. A second course, “Parametric Modeling,” will be offered during the 2017 spring semester.

Topics covered in the first course have included programming, robotics, electronics, structures and strength of materials, computer aid drafting software, CNC equipment, 3D printing equipment, hydraulics, prototyping and casting.

The donation will help fund the estimated $53,000.00 worth of equipment and materials used in the high school courses, including 3D printers, wind tunnels, CNC mills and a router and computer tablets.

Other individuals or corporations interested in donating to Morrison Tech can contact Chris Scott at 815.772.7218, ext. 212 or click here to donate.

Morrison Institute of Technology is a 501(c)(3) not for profit institution.  All donations to its giving programs are tax deductible.

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