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Liability Waiver and Photo Release

I give my express permission for him/her to participate in any of the activities of the program in which he/she is enrolled. I release Morrison Institute of Technology, its directors, instructors, employees, and volunteers from any claims and all liability which may arise from participation or observation of said program and activities. This is a general release of all possible claims of every kind against Morrison Institute of Technology, and this release shall be interpreted liberally to effectuate maximum protection for the College. In the event there arises an emergency necessitating medical attention, I understand that every possible attempt will be made to reach me immediately. However, if I cannot be reached, hereby consent and give my permission to Morrison Institute of Technology staff, instructors or any attending physician to make such decisions and perform such medical treatment upon said minor which may be necessary and proper under the circumstances. In addition, I give my permission for any staff member to seek and/or request transport for this medical attention for my child if I cannot be reached. It is the intention of this release that the above named individuals incur no liability whatsoever while attending the responsible and necessary treatments that may be needed by said minor. I give permission for my child's likeness and/or work to be photographed during the program for use in publications, media advertising for Morrison Institute of Technology

Liability Waiver and Photo Release
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