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A Dual Credit program gives High School students the opportunity to take college level classes and earn college credits while they are still in high school. Dual Credit classes also count toward your High School education so you can earn credit for both at the same time!

Dual Credit courses are not a pre-college or college preparatory class, they are college level courses. These courses usually come at a reduced tuition rate, meaning they cost less than college credits would once the student starts College.

Morrison Tech has been offering Dual Credit classes since 2015. The program is extended to Junior and Senior high school students at several area schools; Morrison, Fulton, Erie, Prophetstown and Rock Falls High Schools. These classes will transfer to the students first year of college should they choose to attend Morrison Tech.  

Unlike traditional High School Dual Credit course offerings Morrison’s classes are not general education classes.  The students are able to participate in coursework that pertains to Morrison Tech’s Degrees. The Principles of Engineering Class is strictly a project based,problem solving,  hands on class. This class uses a team approach to develop interpersonal and problem solving skills that are based upon engineering concepts. The student will develop strategies to enable and direct their own learning.    Many projects have taken place in this course;  building of rubber band cars, programming robots, using the CNC to create a 4-blade aperture…

In another semester class the participants will be introduced to an Autodesk CAD software package.  Basic 2D and 3D commands used for drawings, editing, layering and dimensioning will be learned. These skills are  the foundation for all higher level CAD classes taken at the college. This class will help the student gain skills that can be transferred into the mechanical engineering  and construction based industries upon completion.

There are several benefits to a dual credit course at Morrison.

  • Learn by doing “hands on projects
  • See what Engineering Technology is really about
  • Ease your way into college courses
  • Prepare yourself for possible internships
  • Learn from a nationally top rated Engineering Tech College

Classes that Morrison Tech offers for Dual Credit are

  • Principles of Engineering
  • AutoCAD 1
  • 3D Modeling
  • Mechanical Drafting and Design

Students that are eligible to participate in the college’s Dual Credit program may contact the Admissions Department at the college; 815-772-7218 x206;

They may also contact their High School Counselor.