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Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2022

The 81st graduating class of Morrison Tech celebrated their two years of hard work at a commencement ceremony held on Saturday, April 30, 2022, in the Parkinson Auditorium. The graduating class brought a packed house to the ceremony. Students coming from varying states and backgrounds smiled, cheered, and shook many hands as they realized that they had closed an important chapter in their lives.

The Class of 2022 faced unprecedented times during their 2020 Spring Semester.  This graduation has been a demonstration of resilience, commitment, and versatility that surpasses anything they could have ever expected.  This class has adapted and will overcome whatever challenges life presents them with next. 

The ceremony featured three speeches delivered by students from each area of study. The students chosen to represent their programs were: Kaela Baker, Mechanical ET, Lamarcus Evans, Construction ET, and Noah Henson, Network Administration.

In addition to the awarding of degrees, several students received additional awards and recognitions:

 Anthony Lapp - Excellence in Building & Construction Technology

  Ethan Graybill - Excellence in Drafting Technology

Payton Mast  - Excellence in Engineering Technology

Ryan McDonnell  - Excellence in Mathematics

 Easton Lantz - Excellence in Network Administration

  Kaela Baker - Excellence in Technical Communication


Within minutes, these young adults went from being students to becoming alumni of Morrison Tech. Many of the graduates will start their careers, some as soon as today, while others will continue their education at a 4-year institution.  They will head out to many companies including American Buildings(Nucor), JT Cullen, Bonnell Industries, Kitagwa NorthTech, Wendler Engineering Services, Williams White & Co., Sears Mfg., City of Rochelle (IL), Wahl Clipper, Raynor Door and Constellation Energy.  Upon graduation, more than 70% of graduates have already found employment while others are contemplating which job offer to take.

“Every year it is bittersweet to see part of our Morrison Tech family leave. During the past two years we have faced unique times, but together we conquered.   I am beyond proud of these graduates and feel confident that they are ready to face the world.  I welcome them into their new role as Morrison Tech Alumni. As a college, we thank the students and their families for allowing us to be a part of their lives for the past two years.  We are left with many memories that will linger on.” said Mr. Christopher Scott, Morrison Tech President.

During the ceremony, the college took a moment to honor Mr. Richard Parkinson, a founding member, who passed away on April 24, 2022.  This was the first graduation that he has missed since he joined the college in 1966.  


Graduates for the May 2022 term:

Summa Cum Laude *** Magna Cum Laude ** Cum Laude *

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Riley Birnbaum from Oregon, Illinois 

Lamarcus Evans from Peoria, Illinois

Anthony Lapp from Milledgeville, Illinois 

Matthew Shere from Chana, Illinois


Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration

Kaela Baker from Clinton, Iowa*

Ethan Graybill from Freeport, Illinois* 

Grey Haenitsch from Dixon, Illinois 

Sean Howard from Alton, Illinois

Robert Lieser from Frankfort, Illinois 

Payton Mast from Andalusia, Illinois** 

Connor Nerstheimer from Rock Falls, Illinois* 

Cameron Purcell from DeWitt, Iowa*

Robert Scianna form Marengo, Illinois 

Noah Travis from Pontiac, Illinois

Cole Whitebread from Rock Falls, Illinois**

Joshua Wiebenga from Fulton, Illinois


Networking Administration Concentration

Steven Adee from Milledgeville, Illinois

Garrett Bittinger from Polo, Illinois*** 

Blake Burkhart from West Brooklyn, Illinois 

Evan Camper from Prophetstown, Illinois

Nicholas Frankfother from Rock Falls, Illinois

Nolan Harshman from Dixon, Illinois***

Noah Henson from Milledgeville, Illinois

Eric Holden from Ashton, Illinois**

Savage Hutton from Tampico, Illinois*

Easton Lantz from Tampico, Illinois

Ryan McDonnell from Sterling, Illinois***

John Potter from Morrison, Illinois*

Trey Winkler from Lee Center, Illinois


Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration December 2021

Joshua Borst from Winnebago, Illinois 

James Fennesy from Bloomington, Illinois*

Victor Simmons from Rock Island, Illinois


Networking Administration Concentration December 2021

Cooper Findley from Morrison, Illinois

Ethan James from Oregon, Illinois

Austin Sullivan from Erie, Illinois