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Student housing facilities are available on campus in Odey Resident Hall. This facility has been designed to provide housing for students in an efficiency apartment arrangement.

The 34-apartment building, with a capacity of up to 132 students, is managed by a college residence hall supervisor with the aid of student resident assistants. Every effort is made not to exceed an assignment of four students to a room, and in many instances the assignment will not exceed three students per room.

Each room has a bathroom with shower, kitchenette, living area and two bedroom areas. All rooms are equipped with a bed and wardrobe for each occupant, a desk area, a kitchen table with chairs, and a refrigerator. There is an optional microwave rental per room at the rate of $25.00 per student per semester. These microwaves are 600 watt units with a .5 cubic foot cooking area.

Morrison Institute of Technology believes that living on campus contributes significantly to both the academic and personal development of the student. Therefore, when dorm accommodations are available, all unmarried, full-time first and second semester students under the age of 21 who do not commute from the permanent legal residence of their parents are required to live in the residence hall. Room assignments are made by the residence hall supervisor and special requests for accommodations will be honored as long as space is available. Click here for a schedule of the currently effective residence hall fees and other charges, along with the applicable refund policies Morrison Institute of Technology reserves the right to change the residence hall fees and other charges, along with the applicable refund policies, without advance notice.

Please refer to the Albert Odey Residence Hall Policy Handbook and other related policy statements for additional information and regulations pertaining to the residence hall.

Internet Access

The entire housing complex has a wireless network which permits all students residing there to have personal access to the Internet. Each student will need a wireless card for their laptop or workstation in order to access the wireless network. There is no charge for this service.

Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing is available in the form of apartments or private rooms within the community of Morrison. The college will assist married students and other eligible students by providing a list of sources that can provide such arrangements.