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PLACEMENT GOALS:  Morrison Institute of Technology is proud of our programs and graduates strive to personally assist each of our students in finding the right career and internship opportunities while completing their degrees and throughout their careers. We seek to do this by assisting employers find the right candidates for their technical vacancies.

Employers seeking to fill technical positions or hire interns are encouraged to forward job descriptions via Email to Mr. Scott Connelly, Director of Career and Student Services, or for more information about our programs and graduates phone 815-772-7218 Ext. 201.

STUDENTS: The College provides placement assistance throughout your attendance. Graduate job placement has been excellent but there is no guarantee of employment. You will learn more about the College Career Placement Services during your classes and you will receive instruction in writing resumes and letters of inquiry and in job interview procedures.

Alumni:   Alumni are encouraged to use the Career Placement Services provided by Morrison Institute of Technology. You can be added to the Placement Mailing list by forwarding your Email address to Mr. Scott Connelly, Director of Placement, or for career opportunities call 815-772-7218 Ext. 201.

Internships:  While internships are not required for graduation from Morrison Institute of Technology students are encouraged to utilize the internship program to develop an experience base that will strengthen their professional skills. Employers providing internships will have a minimum of administrative requirements in providing these opportunities to our future technologists.

EMPLOYERS:  An A.A.S. Degree in Engineering Technology from our College provides our graduates with strong skills for entering the manufacturing or building and construction fields in a broad variety of areas. An A.A.S. Degree in Network Administration prepares our graduates to meet the computer systems and networking needs of business, schools and industry. Employers are welcome to come to campus to interview candidates if they should so choose. Scheduling of candidates and interviewing facilities will be provided.