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Our on Campus Amenities are all located close to the dormitory so you won't have to go far to get to them. The City of Morrison also has plenty to offer.

Work Out Facilities

We have a complete work out facility to help you keep in shape during your time on campus. It features a wide range of Nautilus equipment, free weights and a treadmill. Located in the Student Recreation Center, it is open daily so you can work out when you feel like it.

Weight Room
Laundry Facility

Laundry Facility

Located in the Student Recreation Center, we have a full service laundry facility, so you can start your laundry and go play some pool or watch TV while you wait. With plenty of machines and supplies available you won't need to drag your laundry uptown or or wait until you go home to wash your clothes.

Computer Labs

In the Tech Center you will find 4 Computer Labs that are open nightly for you to keep up with coursework, or if you just need to use a computer. All labs have a printer so you can print a hard copy of your work. The building is also equipped with WiFi so that you can access the internet with your own device. The labs are also staffed with student supervisors that are there to help when needed.

Computer Labs
On Campus Library


Our on campus library is filled with reference materials that can be used to supplement course work. You will also find it to be a quiet, relaxing space where you can go to work. The library has WiFi access available.

Within walking distance to the dormitory, Co-Z Corner has a lot to offer Morrison Tech students. Not only a gas station and conveinece store, Co-Z offers a large selection of food made in their kitchen. With daily lunch specials, pizza, burgers and baked goods, you should be able to find something you like.


Located on the north side of Morrison, Rockwood State Park is 1,164 acres that includes Lake Carlton. The park provides fishing, hiking, camping and a restaurant that is open May through October.

Morrison Bike Path

The City of Morrison has a paved Bike Path that connects our Campus to Rockwood State Park. This path makes it easy for our students to walk or bike into town or go for a run if they like.

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Basketball Court

We have an on Campus basketball court just feet from the dormitory where students can shoot around or play a game.

Sand Volleyball Court

Also withing walking distance of our dormitory, we have an on campus sand volleyball court as another option for students who like to get outside and exercise.