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amboy high school visits morrison techAmboy High School Freshman spent the morning at Morrison Tech building paper towers, touring campus and getting one of the first peeks of the new Innovation Center. The students were introduced to many manufacturing processes housed in the Center.  

Morrison Tech faculty members, students and the Admissions Department led the students around campus, showed off the soon to open Center, worked hand in hand with them to build a skyscraper out of newspaper and spent time answering questions.  The Freshman had their eyes opened to the college visit experience. Much discussion was made of their options after High School Graduation; 4 year college, trade schools, military, unions, tech colleges…. The goal was to prod the students into thinking about their future.   

For the majority this was their first college visit.  During the tour the college focused on its STEM foundation, the advantage of a small school and career options after graduation.  Second year student, Hunter Littrell, spoke to the group about his choice to attend college, how he waited rather late to search for a school and how his degree will help advance him with his current employer; a trucking and excavating business.  He advised the students to not wait to start their research, start early on in High School. He and another second year student, Cole Grant, informed the students that one of their main reason for attending Morrison Tech was the career placement of 97%.  They boasted how the Career Center Director informed them nearly every day on internships and employment available. Cole, a third generation student, has first hand experience seeing what a two year degree at Morrison Tech brings.

The Amboy Freshman left with a sense of purpose, a drive to research their options after graduation and a strong understanding of what Engineering Technology really is.