Morrison Tech Begins 50 Year Celebration


During the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year Morrison Institute of Technology will be celebrating 50 years of providing education and opportunities to students and the community.  The college will commemorate the occasion with a variety of initiatives, events and celebrations throughout the year.  An All-Alumni Reunion - Celebrating 50 years has been scheduled for July 15, 2023.  The reunion will honor 5 Outstanding Alumni, Notable Employer Partnerships and a posthumous dedication of the Parkinson Auditorium.  Along with the reunion and events planned, a Scholarship Campaign has been announced: the Fifty for 50 Scholarship CampaignThe Fifty for 50 Scholarship Campaign will be a year-long campaign seeking to raise $50,000 in honor of this exciting milestone.  The college will also showcase the many achievements of faculty, staff, students and alumni during this year.  

Through humble beginnings, the college has grown to become a premier technology college in the Midwest.  This year the college will honor its past and look forward to an extraordinarily bright future.   


Looking Back and Moving Forward

The 1960’s

During the late 1960’s Dr. Albert Odey, Dr. Richard Parkinson and Arlinn Rambo purchased the assets of the Institute of Drafting and Technology and obtained the authority to operate as a private for-profit entity and grant an Associate’s in Technology Degree.  At this time the college campus consisted of several mobile classrooms that were joined together by walkways, one permanent structure; the Tech Center and several mobile housing units.  A farmhouse and barn were also located on campus grounds.  Classes were held in both the mobile classrooms and at the farm house.  During this time the barn would be remodeled into a student recreation center.

The 1970’s

Drafting Boards and blueprints are the primary methods of design.  Computers are in their infancy and CAD is primitive.  

During the 1970’s the college was granted the authority to award Associate’s Degrees in Construction Technology and Mechanical Design and Drafting Technology.  A permanent structure was also built between the classroom and was utilized as a drafting lab.

In the year of 1973 the college was renamed Morrison Institute of Technology and the college became a not for profit institution.

The 1980’s

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is introduced to the engineering community.  Companies begin to transition from manual drafting boards to 2D CAD software.

During the early 80’s the Tech Center was expanded and all of the mobile units were moved to the rear parking area to make way for a new permanent structure, the A.E. Rambo Building.

In 1983 the college began construction on a new residence hall. The construction was completed in 1984 and the building was dedicated on February 4th in honor of Dr. Albert Odey; the Odey Residence Hall.

Construction continued on campus and nearing the late 80’s a third addition was added onto the Tech Center and two new computer labs were added.

The 1990’s

Transition from 2D CAD design to 3D solid modeling using parametric modeling techniques which allowed the modification of models to be done much easier.

As the college grew so did the campus.  The mechanical system in the A.E. Rambo Building was modernized, sidewalks were replaced, permanent landscaping features were built, two additional computer labs were added and directional signage was put in place.

The 2000’s

Knowledge based engineering software integrates manufacturing processes from concept to completion, expanding the utilization of 3D solid modeling design.

During the early 2000’s the Barn was expanded to include a weight and laundry facility.  A clocktower was also added to the structure.  A new program was launched in 2003: Network Administration. In 2007, a large addition was added to the Tech Center.  This new building housed two networking classrooms for the Network Administration program, administrative offices and a large auditorium.

The 2010’s

Increased focus on hands-on experiences to reinforce course materials by adding equipment to bring student projects to life, culminating in the construction of the Innovation Center.

During the 2010’s the college constructed its largest working classroom structure – the Innovation Center.  This 8000 square foot facility housed a Maker Space Lab, 3D Printing and Prototype Lab, various CNC equipment, welding, forging, and a modern woodshop. 

Several larger projects took place during this decade.  An entire remodel of the barn, adding pool tables, darts and other recreational equipment.  An expansion of the auditorium and a sand volleyball court were added for the students and the community to use.

This decade also saw the college take on the moniker Morrison Tech.

The A.E. Rambo Building took on an entirely new look.  The Admissions Office was relocated to this building and a separate conference room for Admissions was built.  The library was relocated and the science lab was expanded.  Several new instructor offices were built.  The lobby of the building was also modernized with new furniture and TV’s.

The 2020’s

The 2020’s have started out strong for the college.  A sawmill was built, lamp posts lining the drive were installed, all conference rooms were equipped for virtual meetings (huddle rooms) and the auditorium was upgraded with all new sound equipment and lights.  The auditorium was also dedicated to Dr. Richard Parkinson, the Parkinson Auditorium.  A virtual reality classroom was made and utilized for the engineering tech programs.  The college also announced the addition of a new program under the engineering technology umbrella, Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes.  To accommodate the new program the college will be expanding the Innovation Center 5000 square feet.  The expansion will begin in the Fall of 2023.  Preparation is also underway to celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary of Morrison Institute of Technology