Terry Quiram Class of 1969


Terry Quiram Class of 1969

Employer: Caterpillar

Employer City: East Peoria

Employer State: Illinois

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I retired from Caterpillar in Feb 2010. I enjoy riding a motorcycle, gardening, and woodworking, specifically woodturning.

Everything was in trailers then exempt for an old farmhouse which was set up dormitory-style. I lived there for the first 2 terms. Classes were small, friendly, and focused. I got a very good education to start my career.

Immediately after graduation, I went to work in Aurora Ill until I was drafted in late 1969. I spent 4 years active in the USN. After discharge in 1974, I knocked around until coming to Caterpillar as a low on the totem pole craftsman. Retiring 30 years later as a design engineer. I was trained to use Unigraphics but was picked to evaluate Pro Engineer for the company. At retirement, I was the senior ProE user at Cat. I worked in the transmission business unit as a casting designer. I designed the torque converter housing for the 797 off highway truck. Front transmission housings for the tracked farm tractors. Redesign of the D10 final drive housing plus many hundreds of smaller castings.