Jose Perez-Robles Class of 2018


Jose Perez-Robles Class of 2018

Employer: American Precision Assemblers

Employer City: Hamsphire

Employer State: Illinois

Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

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I am a graduate of Morrison Tech, class of 2018. I am 21 years old and originated in Acapulco, Mexico. Some of my favorite activities are: fishing, playing music, walks.. and oh did I mention fishing?

I enjoyed my experience at Morrison Tech. I tried to join in many clubs as possible and had a lot of fun with my classmates during and outside of class. In our free time we would explore Morrison and the surrounding ponds and rives to, you guessed it, fish!

I am currently overseeing a few projects for our customer Siemens under their large drive applications. In my previous job as a Mechanical Designer, I worked on some heavy-duty crushers and designed a few auxiliary types of equipment.

I develop processes that are then implemented on the line to produce and manufacture the electrical harnesses that are matched according to the customer's drawings. In the process, I am in charge of calling out the specific tooling, gauge of wires, and all other parts needed to create the harness from beginning to end.