Larry Hewitt Class of 1981

larry hewitt

Larry Hewitt Class of 1981

Employer: City of Byron

Employer City: Byron

Employer State: Illinois

Position: Planning and Development Dir.

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I really enjoyed my time at Morrison. I spent my first 21 years working for William Charles Const. in Rockford and really liked the Construction business, Just too many hours and stress ! My wife and I have raised 4 kids and have 6 grandchildren so far. I switched careers about 15 years ago and took a government job. Love it and will be retiring in a couple of years.

I was recently married when I attended Morrison so didn't get to live in the dorms. I did get involved in everything from Thursday night Ski club (GO DON DIRKSON !! ) to tubing in the flooded creek after a big rain. We had mostly guys back then but we did graduate with a few ladies and everyone seemed to fit in together.

My professors were awesome and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I don't regret going to a 4 year college and the company that hired me out of Morrison said at the time they preferred students from Morrison as opposed to other schools.

I was the project manager for the Belvidere by-pass back in the late 80's and 90's and also built the Harrison Ave, by-pass for the new Lowe's Distribution several years ago. That was my last project with the company.

I run the Building Dept., Zoning, Development, TIF District and help oversee the public works dept., mainly streets.