Timothy Hamilton Class of 1981

Timothy Hmilton class of 1981

Timothy Hamilton Class of 1981

Employer: Kankakee County Highway Dept.

Employer City: Kankakee

Employer State: Illinois

Principal Engineering Technician/ Radiation Safety Officer

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I have worked for the Kankakee County Highway Department for approximately 38 years. I started two months after graduating from MIT. I have predominantly worked in the bridge division of the department. I conduct bridge surveys and also design bridge approaches. I do most of the construction inspection on bridge projects and until recently I did all the in-service bridge safety inspection for both the county and townships. I became the highway department’s RSO approximately five years ago. I am currently looking forward to retiring in about 20 months.

I loved my time at MIT. Back when I went the school was several mobile homes put together to make up the classrooms and the dorms were also mobile homes capable of holding up to 8 people. The surveying class was my first introduction to surveying and has been invaluable for my given profession.

During my career I have worked on a scour project in the Kankakee River on Warner Bridge. I worked on a bridge replacement over the Illinois Central Railroad tracks near Grant Park, IL. And I worked on a bridge replacement that included 1.75 miles of road reconstruction (which I designed) near Essex, IL.

Currently my work consists of Survey work, design work, construction inspection, putting contracts together, bridge inspections and everything related to the Radiation Safety Officer duties. And I’m also the department’s union steward.