Stephen Beardsley Class of 1971

Stephen Beardsley Class of 1971

Stephen Beardsley Class of 1971

Employer: Beardsley Design Drafting

Employer City: Cedar Rapids

Employer State: Iowa

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I graduated from Morrison in late 1971 in the Architectural program. From there I moved to Chattanooga, TN to work to an Architectural firm. After 18 months I returned to Cedar Rapids, IA and fond employment with a well know firm in Cedar Rapids.

After 14 years working with these principals, learning Design, Detailing, and Marketing, I went out on my own and started my own Drafting Service. Where I still work today.

When I was going to Morrison it was called IDT, Institute of Drafting & Technology. The dorms and the classrooms were all mobile homes converted. It was an interesting life, and I learned a lot to carry me through life.

I was the lead manager on the Ground Transportation Center inn Cedar Rapids. During the years working for the Architects I was involved with projects like Mt Mercy Gymnasium, Cedar Memorial Funeral Home, The inn County Care Facility, and renovation of the downtown in Marion, Iowa.

Since working for myself I have designed a 50's - 60's Diner, a Blood Plasma retrieval office, a number of physicians offices, along with a numerous remodeling projects.

My current position entails everything.

I have many hats:

Marketing, Advertising, Accountant, Production, Promotion, Secretary, Customer Relations. You name it to keep a business running, I do it.

But, being self employed is far better than working for a paycheck