Alex Durbin Class of 2011

Alex Durbin Class of 2011

Alex Durbin Class of 2011

Employer: Ryan and Associates

Employer City: Davenport

Employer State: Iowa

Position: Spatial Coordination Designer

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Post Morrison Tech I went to Western Illinois University to obtain my bachelors degree in construction management. After that I began a 5 month job hunt. I could not seem to find anything around my area so i started to apply to anything nation wide. Upon deciding that I would move anywhere I got in contact with a staff member of Morrison Tech and within a few days had an interview with my current employer Ryan and Associates.

My time at Morrison Tech was great! Having a friend decide to attend Morrison with me made it easier on move in day. A few weeks in I knew everybody and to this day still talk to many of my fellow classmates. I enjoyed all the teachers and the staff at Morrison, they always were helpful with anything and everything

In my career thus far I have worked on multiple colleges like, Black hawk College, Iowa State University, and Scott Community College. I have also worked on multiple hospitals like, Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, Trinity Hospital, and ORA Bettendorf. I have a few jails under my belt as well, most recently Clinton County Jail. I also have done a few processing plants, such as, Kraft-Heinz and Alliant Energy.

Currently my job duties entail modeling and coordinating plumbing and mechanical piping for industrial buildings.