Dwight Baker Class of 1994

Dwight D Baker

Dwight Baker Class of 1994

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: CMBA

Employer Location: Sioux City, Iowa

Position: Architectural Technician & System Administrator/Cadd Management (Retired 2015)

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I graduated from MIT June 1994 at 45 years old and moved to Sioux City, Iowa to take a position with Cannon Moss Brygger Architects (CMBA) as an Architectural Technician.

I was employed there for 21 years, retiring June 2015. The first 10 years I only functioned as an Architectural Technician; my last 11 years I functioned in both capacities as an Architectural Technician and System Administrator/Cadd Management.

June 30, 2015 my wife and I were on a flight to the Czech Republic and have been here since enjoying retirement.

My first 10 years included drafting and field or site visits regarding commercial building projects; hospitals, schools, police and fire stations, government buildings, medical facilities, universities and many other types of commercial projects.

My last 11 years continued to include the drafting and field or site visits, but also included all aspects of in-house IT; including but not limited to software/ hardware troubleshooting, setting up new computers, rebuilding existing computers, coordinating with offsite IT support regarding server health and other such issues, acquisition of IT capital improvement (new PCs etc.) and much more than this short list.