Tyler Thacker Class of 2015

Tyler Thacker Class of 2015

Tyler Thacker Class 0f 2015

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: BorgWarner Automotive

Employer City: Dixon, IL.

Position: Product Designer

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I currently design turbo and emission system components for most major car and engine manufacturers. I work with the engineers at BorgWarner to improve and create new designs of components with feedback from the suppliers who make our parts and the company that is requesting the certain product.

I have worked on many exciting projects which include the following:

  1. General Motors 2017+ Duramax Engine turbo actuator
  2. Honda Racing turbo actuator which was on the engine of the 2017 Indy 500 winning car
  3. Cummins electronic throttle valve – which is on many of the 2017+ High Horsepower engines that go into trains, boats, heavy machinery, etc
  4. John Deere Engine – Turbo actuator

Since I graduated I have had 1 child, and I am expecting another this winter. I have gotten married. Moved from Clinton, IA to Albuquerque, NM, where I lived for about 1 year while I worked for Sandia National Laboratories, and moved back home to Clinton, IA in March of 2016. After I graduated I went to work for Sandia National Labs where I was trained on proper GD&T to the highest extent (which I was able to grasp quickly due to courses taken at Morrison Tech) and I designed and developed updates to the existing nuclear weapon stockpile. Also, after I moved back home I was asked to be a part of Morrison Tech’s Advisory Board which I accepted. The education and experiences that I gained from going to Morrison Tech are what has helped me achieve what I have today and also build a fulfilling, young career. Also, the amount of connections that this school has to major companies and the amount of graduates that are in the workforce all over the United States is astonishing. Morrison Tech may be a little school in a little town, but the school has a great image and the success of its alumni will show you that. I actually currently work with another Morrison Tech grad who is from the Spring class of 1990.