Morgan Rae Haick Class of 2016

Morgan Rae Haick

Morgan Rae Haick Class of 2016

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Seiberling- A Haskell Company

Employer City: Beloit

Employer State: Wisconsin

Position: Process Design Technician

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Job Details: A typical day starts at 7:30am. I come in log onto my computer and open up AutoCAD as well as check my emails. Depending on the project, I will receive an email with Red Lines (changes to be made) in the morning, if yes then I will begin to make those corrections to the drawing. This can be a 2D pipe layout or it can be a 3D model of equipment, valves, piping or any other model needed for the project. I work with 2D and 3D models in Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016. Meetings are held daily to keep everyone informed of the project status. We have a very laid back work environment, so I am able to listen to music while I work.

Exciting Projects: Sometimes the designers are sent to a company to do a site survey where they document, locate and draw all of the equipment and piping for a process. Recently I visited a company in Solon, Ohio where I spent 3 days in their plant on the production floor working alongside their employees. They don’t stop production while we work so I was able to see start to end how their product was prepared, made, packaged and sent out. In addition to getting to travel to solon, Ohio, I have also been able to travel to parts of Wisconsin and Florida just in my first year here. Also, I got to ride on the company yacht! Pretty cool!

Since Graduation: It all happened in about 1 week. I packed up my college dorm room on Thursday/Friday, graduated on Saturday and started moving into my first apartment after, then Sunday unpacked and Monday started work. Since then I have gotten to travel, learn about my company and have spent my free time preparing to purchase my first home, driving to visit family, and recently been looking into continuing my education with our company’s college enrollment program while also taking free courses on our Company website where I will be able to obtain general knowledge as well as get certificates for other educational courses.