Scott Schriener Class of 1989

Scott Schriener

Scott Schriener Class of 1989

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Private University Antenor Orrego

Employer Location: Trujillo, Peru

Position: Coordinator/Engineer of the CIM-CAD-CAM Laboratory

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Work in Tutoring and Academic Counseling / Industrial Engineering Private University Antenor Orrego Trujillo, Peru January 2011 to the Present Coordinator of the Engineering Laboratory; Supervises and coordinates the day-to-day operations of a complex of engineering laboratories. Contribute to the positioning, growth and sustainable development of the School of Industrial Engineering. Technical supervision and support to teachers and staff engaged in engineering research, design and implementation, and supervises the design, development and construction of related equipment or technologies. It provides formal and / or classroom curriculum for undergraduate students in the direct support of academic programs, as appropriate to the needs of departments. Accompaniment to the students of third and fourth enrollment, orientation in the academic and professional development of the students, orientation in the solution of academic problems, advice in the development of projects.

After graduation from Morrison Institute of Technology, I worked for Caterpillar and John Deere until my contracts expired. I took the money I saved and moved to South America. Here, I am an important part of the educational experience for students who want to learn from a foreign perspective. I have been involved in many projects, and have volunteered when needed. It has been an enjoyable experience with some difficulties. My advice for mechanical engineering students is, get involved in CNC machines and robot programming. Maintenance of industrial robots and CNC machines is extremely important with any production services. Programming these machines are essential to your career. Oh, and take a “gap year” my grades would have been better if I waited a year or more to go to college.

I am currently getting my master’s degree in higher education and will graduate this December.