Morrison Tech acquires New CNC Laser

As Morrison Tech continues to advance its curriculum and equipment, we would like to announce our newest addition, the BCN3D Technolgies Ignis CNC laser machine. This is the first of these machines to be sold in North America. The CNC Laser differs from a normal CNC function by allowing you to cut and or engrave in a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, cork, and cardboard. Other attributes of CNC laser technology vs traditional CNC cutting are speed and the ability to make very thin cuts. This technology is excellent for construction of Architectural and Civil Models, mechanical prototypes and a wide variety of artisan crafts.

With the increased activity of the manufacturing industry comes an increase in job opportunities. There is a projection of 56,000 job opportunities in the CNC industry over the next 7 years.  CNC machining continues to grow more popular in the industry because of the cost savings accrued by utilizing this process to turn raw materials into final products.

The laser CNC can be used in all engineering technology classes taught at the college; architectural, civil and mechanical. Integrating the CNC Laser into the prototyping department allows our students to bring designs and creations from the virtual computer space into the real world more quickly; for further evaluation, testing, and refinement.  This addition to next year’s curriculum continues to keep Morrison Tech on the forefront of innovative technology​

The College currently has two 3D Printers from BCN3D Technologies.  These machines have become workhorses in our fleet of filament 3D Printers.

To learn more about BCN3D Technologies check out there website.